Saturday, December 18, 2010

School and Winter

So, we all know its torturous to wake up and go to school on a snowy, cold, wintery day. I never feel like waking up on winter days, in fact if it weren't for school all I'd probably do is hibernate during winter. You think I'm exaggeration but I can sleep 15 hours straight without waking up which is what happened to me on Wednesday this week. I passed out from the end of school to next school morning. My dad tried to wake me up to eat dinner but I was just wanted to sleep so I skipped dinner.

Besides my incredulous sleeping abilities, I wanted to say that I'm glad school takes place during the winter. Think about it. What better to do than get school out of the way during the winter so you can have your summers free? Winter days are just to short in sunlight to have much time to do any outdoor activities. It gives you a chance to try some indoor activities without thinking "I could be outside instead." like one might think during the summer or spring. Also, unless your schools like mine, you get to stay in a fairly heated building spending time with your friends. So in the end, having school during winter is a plus in life (especially if your like me and would end up hibernating if you had no school during the winter season).

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