Saturday, December 18, 2010

Different Music Types Rule!

Okay so its true I have a wide range of music I like. I like songs from just about every genre. The way I rate music goes pretty much like this: I don't understand this, Not my type, I like the beat, I like the lyrics, This song is catchy, I like this song, This song makes me want to dance, I love this song since it moves me emotionally.

I like so many genres because sometimes one genre will fit my emotional state or sway me emotionally differently than another genre. Its nice having a playlist of songs for different moods that I'm in and not having to limit myself to one genre just because its not cool enough. Like many of the songs on my relaxation list are classical, and maybe if I feel like letting out everything I've bottled up I'll listen to heavy metal, or I may listen to hip hop to keep me energized to complete my work and still be able to sing along to the representativeness. Or maybe I'll listen to Korean hip hop or Japanese rock to listen to different kind of lyric styles. Granted not all songs from the genres I described go with the moods or feelings I have associated with them but you get the gist. Liking a wide range of music really helps me to be able to have the right song to listen to at the right time. Also its not so bad when you ride in someone else car with them blasting music you've never herd before. I don't know if music is one of those things that some people learn to like or just click with. If its learning then I guess its because I give each type of music a couple of shots before I completely say no or yes. If its to do with clicking, then I'm glad that I happen like more than one music type.

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