Saturday, December 18, 2010

Different Music Types Rule!

Okay so its true I have a wide range of music I like. I like songs from just about every genre. The way I rate music goes pretty much like this: I don't understand this, Not my type, I like the beat, I like the lyrics, This song is catchy, I like this song, This song makes me want to dance, I love this song since it moves me emotionally.

I like so many genres because sometimes one genre will fit my emotional state or sway me emotionally differently than another genre. Its nice having a playlist of songs for different moods that I'm in and not having to limit myself to one genre just because its not cool enough. Like many of the songs on my relaxation list are classical, and maybe if I feel like letting out everything I've bottled up I'll listen to heavy metal, or I may listen to hip hop to keep me energized to complete my work and still be able to sing along to the representativeness. Or maybe I'll listen to Korean hip hop or Japanese rock to listen to different kind of lyric styles. Granted not all songs from the genres I described go with the moods or feelings I have associated with them but you get the gist. Liking a wide range of music really helps me to be able to have the right song to listen to at the right time. Also its not so bad when you ride in someone else car with them blasting music you've never herd before. I don't know if music is one of those things that some people learn to like or just click with. If its learning then I guess its because I give each type of music a couple of shots before I completely say no or yes. If its to do with clicking, then I'm glad that I happen like more than one music type.

Brrr, So Cold!

Since this is under my fashion page, I just want you let anyone reading this know that, I do not consider myself a fashion expert, I'm just here to share my neat little tips and tricks to help me get through life.

So its officially winter now, with all the first snow, frost, and being able to see your breath outside. And I hate having to wear something else instead of what I want to just because of winter. Yes, for those of you who know me, I hate it as much as wearing something uncomfortable or something that I have to constantly fix and tug at like a low cut top or shorts. But luckily, for the most part, I don't have to worry about both of those things. Nor do I worry about switching my wardrobe (except for adding some clothing items like scarves and sweaters). It's the brilliant invention of layering that has saved me.

Having long sleeves in every color of the rainbow allows me to wear any summer shirt without being cold. And even if one of my long sleeves I need is in the laundry, white and black long sleeves will go with just about any shirt so its handy to have a couple of black and white ones.

Same goes with leggings and other bottom wear. But we all know some leggings are not enough to keep warm. Well since I am a full time day student, from home to school I'll wear sweatpants over the leggings and then go to the bathroom and remove my sweats inside the warm building. Sometimes I'll do the same with my snowshoes and other foot wear. I keep my sweats in my locker so I don't have to carry everything and then slip them on again before I go. and even when I'm wearing jeans I tend to wear leggings underneath to keep myself warm.

Lastly, I'm sure we all know that accessoring with hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, earmuffs, or whatever it is that you have helps keep you warm and fashionable during the winter. So don't forget to throw it on before you head out!

And if you are so concerned about the cold avoid metal jewelry and go with more beaded ones or plastic covered jewelry. I personally don't think it makes much of a difference.

School and Winter

So, we all know its torturous to wake up and go to school on a snowy, cold, wintery day. I never feel like waking up on winter days, in fact if it weren't for school all I'd probably do is hibernate during winter. You think I'm exaggeration but I can sleep 15 hours straight without waking up which is what happened to me on Wednesday this week. I passed out from the end of school to next school morning. My dad tried to wake me up to eat dinner but I was just wanted to sleep so I skipped dinner.

Besides my incredulous sleeping abilities, I wanted to say that I'm glad school takes place during the winter. Think about it. What better to do than get school out of the way during the winter so you can have your summers free? Winter days are just to short in sunlight to have much time to do any outdoor activities. It gives you a chance to try some indoor activities without thinking "I could be outside instead." like one might think during the summer or spring. Also, unless your schools like mine, you get to stay in a fairly heated building spending time with your friends. So in the end, having school during winter is a plus in life (especially if your like me and would end up hibernating if you had no school during the winter season).

December Snow - Winter Is Here!

So turkey season has ended and December has come with the first flourish of snow fall! While I was eating breakfast this morning I looked out the window and saw little white specs. I told my mom that it was snowing and she dismissed it as dandelion seeds. So I went outside to investigate and the little white specs were melting on my deck! It was snowing. I was amazed not just by the snow but by how fast fall had gone and winter had come.

Even though it was december, since I don't do christmas shopping til later in the month, it didn't feel like christmas was at the end of the month. But its already snowing, and as soon as you see snow, it means Christmas is right around the corner.