Saturday, December 18, 2010

Different Music Types Rule!

Okay so its true I have a wide range of music I like. I like songs from just about every genre. The way I rate music goes pretty much like this: I don't understand this, Not my type, I like the beat, I like the lyrics, This song is catchy, I like this song, This song makes me want to dance, I love this song since it moves me emotionally.

I like so many genres because sometimes one genre will fit my emotional state or sway me emotionally differently than another genre. Its nice having a playlist of songs for different moods that I'm in and not having to limit myself to one genre just because its not cool enough. Like many of the songs on my relaxation list are classical, and maybe if I feel like letting out everything I've bottled up I'll listen to heavy metal, or I may listen to hip hop to keep me energized to complete my work and still be able to sing along to the representativeness. Or maybe I'll listen to Korean hip hop or Japanese rock to listen to different kind of lyric styles. Granted not all songs from the genres I described go with the moods or feelings I have associated with them but you get the gist. Liking a wide range of music really helps me to be able to have the right song to listen to at the right time. Also its not so bad when you ride in someone else car with them blasting music you've never herd before. I don't know if music is one of those things that some people learn to like or just click with. If its learning then I guess its because I give each type of music a couple of shots before I completely say no or yes. If its to do with clicking, then I'm glad that I happen like more than one music type.

Brrr, So Cold!

Since this is under my fashion page, I just want you let anyone reading this know that, I do not consider myself a fashion expert, I'm just here to share my neat little tips and tricks to help me get through life.

So its officially winter now, with all the first snow, frost, and being able to see your breath outside. And I hate having to wear something else instead of what I want to just because of winter. Yes, for those of you who know me, I hate it as much as wearing something uncomfortable or something that I have to constantly fix and tug at like a low cut top or shorts. But luckily, for the most part, I don't have to worry about both of those things. Nor do I worry about switching my wardrobe (except for adding some clothing items like scarves and sweaters). It's the brilliant invention of layering that has saved me.

Having long sleeves in every color of the rainbow allows me to wear any summer shirt without being cold. And even if one of my long sleeves I need is in the laundry, white and black long sleeves will go with just about any shirt so its handy to have a couple of black and white ones.

Same goes with leggings and other bottom wear. But we all know some leggings are not enough to keep warm. Well since I am a full time day student, from home to school I'll wear sweatpants over the leggings and then go to the bathroom and remove my sweats inside the warm building. Sometimes I'll do the same with my snowshoes and other foot wear. I keep my sweats in my locker so I don't have to carry everything and then slip them on again before I go. and even when I'm wearing jeans I tend to wear leggings underneath to keep myself warm.

Lastly, I'm sure we all know that accessoring with hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, earmuffs, or whatever it is that you have helps keep you warm and fashionable during the winter. So don't forget to throw it on before you head out!

And if you are so concerned about the cold avoid metal jewelry and go with more beaded ones or plastic covered jewelry. I personally don't think it makes much of a difference.

School and Winter

So, we all know its torturous to wake up and go to school on a snowy, cold, wintery day. I never feel like waking up on winter days, in fact if it weren't for school all I'd probably do is hibernate during winter. You think I'm exaggeration but I can sleep 15 hours straight without waking up which is what happened to me on Wednesday this week. I passed out from the end of school to next school morning. My dad tried to wake me up to eat dinner but I was just wanted to sleep so I skipped dinner.

Besides my incredulous sleeping abilities, I wanted to say that I'm glad school takes place during the winter. Think about it. What better to do than get school out of the way during the winter so you can have your summers free? Winter days are just to short in sunlight to have much time to do any outdoor activities. It gives you a chance to try some indoor activities without thinking "I could be outside instead." like one might think during the summer or spring. Also, unless your schools like mine, you get to stay in a fairly heated building spending time with your friends. So in the end, having school during winter is a plus in life (especially if your like me and would end up hibernating if you had no school during the winter season).

December Snow - Winter Is Here!

So turkey season has ended and December has come with the first flourish of snow fall! While I was eating breakfast this morning I looked out the window and saw little white specs. I told my mom that it was snowing and she dismissed it as dandelion seeds. So I went outside to investigate and the little white specs were melting on my deck! It was snowing. I was amazed not just by the snow but by how fast fall had gone and winter had come.

Even though it was december, since I don't do christmas shopping til later in the month, it didn't feel like christmas was at the end of the month. But its already snowing, and as soon as you see snow, it means Christmas is right around the corner.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hanging Out With The Girls -11/14/10

So this weekend, I finally got a chance to hang out with some of my girl friends. And the next day I was thinking about how much fun it was on Friday. Then I got a bit self-conscious and hoped that my friends had fun and were relaxed enough. It got me thinking about what other girls would normally do during a hang out. So that’s what brought me to my blogspot. So here’s what happened: It was bit difficult getting things together since just about everyone who I invited didn't have a ride. So in the end, just about everyone who could fit in my car came to hang out Friday afternoon. We all took my bus home and hung out in my bedroom, which I tried to frantically clean up while they were over (I did succeed since I’m fairly organized but I had to do my laundry over since I just stuffed everything back into my laundry basket). So they were all sitting at my bed we were talking/catching up on things and then we convinced my bestfriend to let us all do her makeup and hair over. So we straightened her hair and "purdied" (pretty-ed) her up with makeup. Then my dad drove us all to Panera, we got food and filled ourselves around 4:30. I really like Panera since it has a pretty wide range of food that just about anyone would love. After Panera with full tummies, we walked over to Marshall's to look around. We dressed each other up in funny, pretty, and funky clothing items and accessories which we got a good laugh out of. Then we went to RocheBrothers looking for a friend, but ended up finding one of my friend's cousin's there instead. After that we got picked up went home for a movie.  Now I don’t know about you guys, but I fully believe that hanging out shouldn’t be something you dread since you have to keep up your fa├žade or manners or something like that. I think it should be a way for you to let go and just be yourself and have fun. So my friends and I cuddled up in blankets and pillows on our comfy leather couches (foot rests popped out) and watched a movie with the sub-woofer up all the way and our awesome surround sound. And guess which movie we watched…. “Over the Hedge”. It was pretty funny, at least to me. I was surprised that my friends were actually pretty silent through the movie, usually when I watch movies with people its loud with people making a lot of comments all the time. Anyways, when my friends looked at me like are you serious when I got blankets out, that’s when I thought, “Am I being weird? Is this not normal.” And after I thought about it more, I thought, I realized it didn't matter. No matter what we do, as long as we can tare down those barriers that keep us uptight,  it'll be fun for everyone, which is what matters most.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2/25/10 - Navratri Gurjar

This weekend was fantastic for Navratri! It was a little late (a week late) but this is the one I was looking forward too. I went with my two friends Judy and Karishma. Karishma and I are pros at garba and although it was Judy's first time there. We convinced her to come along saying it was much fun, which it is. Judy found it to alot of fun. The year before, Karishma and I convinced Rebecca and her older sister to come along. Rebecca found it much fun as well. So since my camera is broken and I couldn't take it to the Gurjar I'm going to steal some pictures from Karishma's facebook page:

A circle of cute little kids who were all dressed in traditional garba garbs:


My friends and I fooling around with the dandia sticks:

Navratri wasn't looking so great this year but Saturday, I'd have to admit, deffenitley made up for all the fun I was missing out on since I didn't go to many of the 9 days that Navratri lasts because of homework. I had some points where I got so caught up in everything since I know all the old songs' lyrics even though i'm a teen. My favorite part of Navratri is that you get to dance with people you have never meet before and have fun. I can't stand seeing people not smile when they are there to have fun playing garba or dandia! So every year my mission is to get everyone to smile while they are doing dandia. Its no fun not letting go and worrying about how you look etc. while you are dancing. And lets just say I succeed for the most part. I truly believe its fun to just let go and let the music carry your body to the beat. I had alot of fun with my friends, and I can't wait till next year!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Navratri 2010 is finally here!

So as  you can all probably guess, I am Gujurati and I celebrate a holiday called Navratri. It is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Navratri lasts for 9 days and 9 nights. Usually there are religious ceremonies, garba, and dandia. I go for the garba and dandia mostly. Garba is a form of dance when you do a repeated set of dance steps in a line that goes in a circle. Although it may not sound that great, its lots of fun being apart of it. Everyone is usually very energetic. Same thing goes for dandia. In dandia you use two sticks or a stick thats probably the size of your forearm and you hit them in a certain way between you and your partner. I believe today is the second or third day of navratri. I will definitely get some pictures up of the gurjar (the big event for navratri) as well as some pictures of all the different garbs.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

College Cooking - Getting Prepared

So my mom decided that it was time I learned how to cook!
For those of you who don't know, I'm pretty much cursed when it comes to cooking and can't even bake cookies for my life. I'm probably similar to Binachi from the anime Reborn! who's attack is literally poison cooking. My mom decided that it was time to shed some cooking expert light on me and teach me how to cook out of the box pasta for college. Some how miraculously, I successfully cooked the boxed pasta with Ragu sauce. Here are some delicious pictures.

The Ragu Sauce:

My Brother's Bowl:

I now think I might have a chance at actually learning how to cook! My goal is to learn to bake cookies from scratch so when I go to college I can bake some and make new friends. ^^

Monday, October 4, 2010

Is He/It Worth To Throw Away What You Have?

I want you to take this moment and reflect on your life, who you are, who are the people in your life, what you own, who or what loves you or u love and your dreams.

Along comes something new and fantastic but you have to trade in your past and dreams for it. Is it really worth it? and why? what makes it so worthy or so not worthy? Would u do it even knowing it may hurt the people who love you?

Please Leave a Comment Below telling if you would or wouldn't do it, and for who or what? 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tween Fantasy Author

Yes, its true. I am writing a fantasy story directed towards tweens and teenage girls. This is out of my normal writing. I happened to stumble upon Watt-pad and discovered this website. Some how I got the brilliant idea of challenging myself to write an original story out of my norm directed towards the Wattpad audience which happened to consist mainly of tween and teenage girls. I began it over the summer where I began to pour out my own old tween fantasies. I had dropped it around the end of summer and will hopefully get the chance to pick it up this coming summer or during a long school break.

Check My Story Out:

The Plot: A girl who has everything a girl could ask for(including superpowers), but what she wants most is just to be a normal girl.

American New England High School Senior

So whats it like being a senior for me?

Well in my school there are 7 periods/classes a day. Classes starts at 7:35AM and end at 2:00PM.
Torturous in some peoples minds such as my new friend who transfered into my school from Canada. And then you have the classic Asians who work their butts off every day who'd probably say that this way of school is too easy. Personally, my opinion is that school here is just the right balance. After all, we get tailored to fit the criteria of nearby Boston Colleges that are considered to have the best college experiences in the world in store for students.

Personally, I love being a senior. Especially since I finished my required courses by Junior year. Also Junior year was close enough to hell for me since I decided to take more core courses than I could handle. Although Junior year was more of a degrader for me, It gave me the chance to learn more about myself and how much I could push myself. Senior year, interestingly enough, happens to be my experimental year with courses. Having been locked out of the courses that I preferred to take, I ended up with a set of various courses ranging from business, to web design, to health. I actually find that I am happy to be taking the variety of courses. It makes me feel more well-rounded which I feel is an essential quality to leadership. It also helped me realize that I truly do want to go into the medical field preferably majoring in Physician's Assistant. Plus, Senior Year I am taking fewer honor courses since the courses I choose just weren't offered in our school as honor courses, I hope to once again have the pleasure of receiving many As on my report card as well has having the pleasure of truly learning the material with now available time.

And for seniors who are still taking yet harder courses(APs and IBs) than their junior year, my brother has told me that college freshmen year seems to be easier than senior year in high school. Although he has just begun school in college, I think this is still something worth looking forward to.

The Not So Geeky Robotix Club

This is probably my main club. BUT before you go judging me, I'll have you know that I handle most of the non-tech work. Although I originally joined for the tech part of the club, I ended up finding a position that was more natural to me in the business division of robotics. How can Robotics have business you say? Well since we compete in a competition called FRC or First Robotics Competition( and we build a behemoth of a robot, a large some of money and mentors are essential. I'll be posting a link as soon as I our website starts to come together. Really our club is made up of Artists, Business Enthusiasts, and Science and Technology Nerds. 

After a long Sunday's day of double checking and rethinking, I've decided to run for President as my fellow members have encouraged me to do so thinking this Patel family blood naturally holds leadership qualities. Elections are going to be held tomorrow and now I am very excited for this chance to  take charge and lead this club into a better year. I have mind to beat my brother and the excellency of his years as robotics president. Luckily with the base, dear brother, left behind, we have already been able to build upon it and start reaching new heights.

A Quick Intro, Ideal life

So here I finally am. Blogging.

My username/pen name is TheGirlWhoSeeks and I've always wanted to be a free-lance paid blogger but I just couldn't find the right job for me. So I said screw it and decided to blog anyways. I like the idea of having my opinions out in the world allowing me to try to shed some wisdom. This is also a way to record my quest in seeking my ideal life.

At first I thought about making the blog about life in general but found it too broad so in the end I decided: This blog will be about my life. Hopefully I'll get everything from cooking, to fashion, to education, to physical workouts, to traditional medicine, to history, to sports, to anime etc. 

If you want a formal description of who I am then here:

I'm a currently a 17 year old high school senior, both my parents were born in India, came to america and had two kids. That would be my older brother who is a freshmen at Boston University and I. My three favorite words to describe me are: Crazy, Smart, and Constantly Seeking. Okay so the last ones not exactly a word but those three things are what describe me best. 
Clubs i'm a part of currently include Robotix, PingPong, Multi-Cultural, Anime, and Medical Careers. Or those ones I can recall off the top of my head. 
The one sport I am in currently is Field Hockey.