Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Not So Geeky Robotix Club

This is probably my main club. BUT before you go judging me, I'll have you know that I handle most of the non-tech work. Although I originally joined for the tech part of the club, I ended up finding a position that was more natural to me in the business division of robotics. How can Robotics have business you say? Well since we compete in a competition called FRC or First Robotics Competition( and we build a behemoth of a robot, a large some of money and mentors are essential. I'll be posting a link as soon as I our website starts to come together. Really our club is made up of Artists, Business Enthusiasts, and Science and Technology Nerds. 

After a long Sunday's day of double checking and rethinking, I've decided to run for President as my fellow members have encouraged me to do so thinking this Patel family blood naturally holds leadership qualities. Elections are going to be held tomorrow and now I am very excited for this chance to  take charge and lead this club into a better year. I have mind to beat my brother and the excellency of his years as robotics president. Luckily with the base, dear brother, left behind, we have already been able to build upon it and start reaching new heights.

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