Sunday, October 3, 2010

American New England High School Senior

So whats it like being a senior for me?

Well in my school there are 7 periods/classes a day. Classes starts at 7:35AM and end at 2:00PM.
Torturous in some peoples minds such as my new friend who transfered into my school from Canada. And then you have the classic Asians who work their butts off every day who'd probably say that this way of school is too easy. Personally, my opinion is that school here is just the right balance. After all, we get tailored to fit the criteria of nearby Boston Colleges that are considered to have the best college experiences in the world in store for students.

Personally, I love being a senior. Especially since I finished my required courses by Junior year. Also Junior year was close enough to hell for me since I decided to take more core courses than I could handle. Although Junior year was more of a degrader for me, It gave me the chance to learn more about myself and how much I could push myself. Senior year, interestingly enough, happens to be my experimental year with courses. Having been locked out of the courses that I preferred to take, I ended up with a set of various courses ranging from business, to web design, to health. I actually find that I am happy to be taking the variety of courses. It makes me feel more well-rounded which I feel is an essential quality to leadership. It also helped me realize that I truly do want to go into the medical field preferably majoring in Physician's Assistant. Plus, Senior Year I am taking fewer honor courses since the courses I choose just weren't offered in our school as honor courses, I hope to once again have the pleasure of receiving many As on my report card as well has having the pleasure of truly learning the material with now available time.

And for seniors who are still taking yet harder courses(APs and IBs) than their junior year, my brother has told me that college freshmen year seems to be easier than senior year in high school. Although he has just begun school in college, I think this is still something worth looking forward to.

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