Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow, Shovel, and now "E-Class"?

Boy, oh boy, New England's got it hard this year! The snow just keeps on falling! and with the snow falling so hard this year, its quite obvious the snow days are racking up. Sure, I love the snow and the days off that i don't have to make up being a senior but it's gotten to the point where I feel as though I'm slowly being buried alive. I'll hopefully get a picture up at some point.

So in web 2.0 we were required to make a blog on a tweet off of #bhschat.  This one caught my attention right away:

So of course school becomes one of the many concerns with all the snowfall. Snow days for me used to mean sleeping in late, shoveling snow, and then eating heaps of warm food when I got back inside my house. However, with technology beginning to be incorporated into school, its no longer sleep, shovel, eat, and relax. It's now sleep, shovel, eat, and homework. Yes, homework on snow days. Thank-you, internet. Like a double edged sword, although a part of me is upset, I can't deny that its a tremendous help since my teachers don't have to rush their learning material. Plus, atleast right now, teachers are a bit understanding and don't give as much work on snowdays (mostly just review, research, or study old material). Good luck to the future students since the way things are going, teachers won't be so merciful. Not to be pessimistic. But the bright side is that kids probably won't be having to make up snowdays when the weather gets better.

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  1. Zill,

    What other positives do you think there could be due to the advances in technology? What do you think school will look like for your students? Will it just be the same with more technology?