Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Portfolio Proposal

Cars look like People.
                Yup. I said it. Cars look like people. Let me explain. Every time when I’m traveling, I love to look out the window and just look at all the scenery and different cars.  Then traffic time comes, and I sit there looking at all the rear ends of cars. Strangely, when I was little, I thought that each car’s rear, well, looked like faces. Let me illuminate before you think I’m crazy. The rear lights were similar to different shaped eyes, and the bumper or the black outline of where the trunk met the rest of the car was a mouth, and the color and size determined the gender and the side view mirrors were the ears. But there’s more to it than just that.  With the prominent characteristics of each car, I turned it into and visualized a human face in my head. At first they look like caricatures but then I shape and re-shape in my head and they look like real people that you might find walking down the street. And when I compared what I had at the end to the car, I realized, cars look like people.  In my mind, some cars smile, some are grouchy, some are African American and some are Asian, and some are lost and some are found.  Each car is a person with a personality and profile.
                So enough with the explanation; here’s what I plan to do. My objective is to draw at least  5 well developed car people. Car people being the person I developed in my head from looking at a car’s rear end. And with it, I’ll have a picture of the car next to it. Hopefully, people will see the relationship between the car’s features and the person’s features. My plan for the first week is to go picture crazy, and take digital pictures of at least 50 different car rears. From there, I’ll upload them and select the 5 lucky cars that get to be transformed into humans. Of course, I’ll blur out the license plate while I’m at it. From there, I will print the 5 cars out on large photo paper. This will conclude the first week. The second week begins the drawing period. From here, I will select the mediums I want to use to make the people depending on what feelings are evoked from the pictures of the car’s features. (Mediums I have in mind are canvas with acrylic, drawing board, or photo collage etc.)After figuring out the mediums, I will begin to do several sketches of features in my design book. By the end of the second week I should have rough sketches of human faces to go with each car. This concludes the second week. The third week goes to making caricatures in the selected mediums. I’m starting to refine these features a bit more at this point. As well as finding people with similar features to what I have in mind and taking reference photos. This concludes the third week. The fourth week is dedicated to making the people become real. 
                Even then, I feel as though I’ve given myself extra time in the beginning so I will probably have more time to make the car people come to life than just one week. For the display, I will have the car pictures on the right side and the car people on the left. (For the lack of my clear explanation abilities, I have an example layout at the end of this report.)Now that I think about it, It is kind of similar to what Shawna did for people who associate numbers with color. This is me associating car rear’s with people’s facial features.  The challenge will be to get what images I have in my head perfectly down on paper, and refining the way I think imagination wise (It’ll help me in vision my piece perfectly before I begin to try and put it on paper). Drawing realistic human faces will be a great challenge for me but I have confidence that I can do it since I’ll have reference photos and enough time to do rough sketches before I start the real thing. I think this will be a challenging project for me as well as an opportunity to let others into my strange artistic and imaginative world.

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