Saturday, November 5, 2011

My First Recorded Rap :)

This goes to the song: Epik High - Maze

Z a p kraz
Zap loose control
Lemme show u how we do it
Uh Check it out

Walkin thru streets not know where to go
Lost all control and ur feelin so cold-uh
Day in and day out, constantly chasin and
runin after what can’t exist
endin up lost or back to the stahrt
where u ganna go bro? when you lost all control
tryin to do any thin to get outta this sh- hole
we goin with the flo cause dats how we rohl                               

I may not be the brightest
But I kno my flo is the tightest
I’ll strive to be at the top, the mightyest                                                                  
And that’s why imma out shine ya                                                             
Nd pass right by ya
Too sleek to detect on ur radar

I’ve learned to be a fihgta
And follo my desiya
Go ahead call me a dreamer, but watch who’ll be an achiever

Its stressful wishin, sacrifice
he list goes on, it’s the facts of life
But when I get there it’ll be king me
I aint afraid anymore of the slient screams

Carrying the burdens when u barely kno the person
That’s the difference between a pharaoh and a servant
I choose to serve no man but serve man kind
But at the sametime avoiding all the landmines
Then u blow up u exit or u grow up
Or get locked up
The pigs catch u eatin doughnuts

But I’m keepin it real, cause that’s how we deal
Forever bein a mystery
always done up in steel

Just no my past was no breeze
Or even a stroll in the streets
I wasn’t born with everything you had
But check
 I’ll make it like had more than that


I’m not so complicated
That u can’t get wit it
Just kno that
When I’m a free bird, no one can control dis shit

Live life how u want to
Cause theres only one chance to


* what ever is italicized comes from the original rap

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