Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2/25/10 - Navratri Gurjar

This weekend was fantastic for Navratri! It was a little late (a week late) but this is the one I was looking forward too. I went with my two friends Judy and Karishma. Karishma and I are pros at garba and although it was Judy's first time there. We convinced her to come along saying it was much fun, which it is. Judy found it to alot of fun. The year before, Karishma and I convinced Rebecca and her older sister to come along. Rebecca found it much fun as well. So since my camera is broken and I couldn't take it to the Gurjar I'm going to steal some pictures from Karishma's facebook page:

A circle of cute little kids who were all dressed in traditional garba garbs:


My friends and I fooling around with the dandia sticks:

Navratri wasn't looking so great this year but Saturday, I'd have to admit, deffenitley made up for all the fun I was missing out on since I didn't go to many of the 9 days that Navratri lasts because of homework. I had some points where I got so caught up in everything since I know all the old songs' lyrics even though i'm a teen. My favorite part of Navratri is that you get to dance with people you have never meet before and have fun. I can't stand seeing people not smile when they are there to have fun playing garba or dandia! So every year my mission is to get everyone to smile while they are doing dandia. Its no fun not letting go and worrying about how you look etc. while you are dancing. And lets just say I succeed for the most part. I truly believe its fun to just let go and let the music carry your body to the beat. I had alot of fun with my friends, and I can't wait till next year!

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