Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Quick Intro, Ideal life

So here I finally am. Blogging.

My username/pen name is TheGirlWhoSeeks and I've always wanted to be a free-lance paid blogger but I just couldn't find the right job for me. So I said screw it and decided to blog anyways. I like the idea of having my opinions out in the world allowing me to try to shed some wisdom. This is also a way to record my quest in seeking my ideal life.

At first I thought about making the blog about life in general but found it too broad so in the end I decided: This blog will be about my life. Hopefully I'll get everything from cooking, to fashion, to education, to physical workouts, to traditional medicine, to history, to sports, to anime etc. 

If you want a formal description of who I am then here:

I'm a currently a 17 year old high school senior, both my parents were born in India, came to america and had two kids. That would be my older brother who is a freshmen at Boston University and I. My three favorite words to describe me are: Crazy, Smart, and Constantly Seeking. Okay so the last ones not exactly a word but those three things are what describe me best. 
Clubs i'm a part of currently include Robotix, PingPong, Multi-Cultural, Anime, and Medical Careers. Or those ones I can recall off the top of my head. 
The one sport I am in currently is Field Hockey.

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